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Personal Skills Award

Level 1 Personal Skills Award

In the second year of my undergraduate degree I started the part time Personal Skills Award (30 credits at level 1).

The course provided a unique opportunity to gain formal accreditation for skills and experiences that appeal to employers. The module within the PSA are based on skills employers find attractive in graduates.


Understanding One’s Self (10 credits)
This module regarded self-reflective practice, including aspects of learning styles such as left-right brain dominance, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Kolb learning styles and cycles, kinds of intelligence and memory.
The aim was to enhance the effectiveness of individual learning (and future professional practice) by moving towards greater self-awareness, especially in areas pertinent to study.
  • Learning Narrative
  • Reflective essay
Personal IT Skills (5 credits)
This module considered how information is produced, organised and published thus teaching various techniques for finding and evaluating information for academic and professional purposes. Additionally, it contemplated the ethical use of information, such as referencing and enhances skills in using a range of computer software to organise and present information.
The aim was to critically reflect on the information seeking process and provide examples to future employers.
  • Report on a chosen topic using a minimum of 2 pieces of IT software
  • Reflective learning journal
Presentation Skills (5 credits)
This module aimed to consider effective ways to present ones self and work to future colleagues and employers, including writing CVs/cover letters, interview practice and presentations.
  • Four reflective accounts
  • Portfolio
  • Five minute presentation
Leadership and Teamwork Skills (10 credits)
The module discussed leadership styles, leadership roles, team processes and team roles via the Belbin theory in addition to the model of group development by Tuckman.
The module aimed to give experience of working within a team and gain an understanding of academic theories in practice.
  • Team presentation
  • A written assignment discussing either teamwork or leadership attributes.


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