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Results: Genotyping, Linkage Analysis & Map Construction


A combination of 33 flourescently labelled SSRs and 8 flourescently labelled AFLP combinations was used to genotype 154 DH individuals of the mapping population. In total 148 polymorphic loci were produced to be used in linkage analysis and map construction.

Linkage analysis & Map construction

Preliminary framework linkage map.

Genotyping the DH population using flourescently labelled SSRs & AFPLs provided 148 polymorphic loci to be encorporated into a linkage map using Joinmap. Initially map construction was based on genotype informaton from 94 individuals. The linkage map produced consisted of 70 markers (22 SSRs & 48 AFLPs) mapping into 9 linkage groups. The total map length is 776.9 cM which equates to ~86.3% coverage of the B. oleracea genome.


Collaborative framework linkage map.

To improve the marker stuaration and the genome coverage of the preliminary map additional genotype information was collated from Peter Walley & John Carder. A new linkage map was constructed based on genotype information from 154 DH individuals from the mapping population. A total of 134 markers (28 SSRs & 106 AFLPs) were mapped into 9 linkages groups increasing the marker saturation by 94.2 %. The total map length covered also increased by 25.2 % to 946.7 cM.