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My Teaching

I currently teach on the first year Making of the Modern World course, a first year core module spanning the period from the French Revolution to the late Twentieth Century

I am interested in the students leading the seminars, in order to make the most of their own ideas, and to develop their confidence and proficiency in speaking and thinking and presenting their ideas creatively and in public, but within a constructive and supportive environment.

Teaching time 2007 - 2008

Friday 12 - 1

Room H241

Future plans


I would be happy to teach on courses from the history of modern medicine and science, colonial history, modern British and Irish history, or wider themes in global history. As a long term goal I would like to develop an undergraduate course in the history of Australian land and people, 1771 - 2000, including topics such as

  • The Convict Stain
  • 'Black Armband' History? Aboriginal land and peoples, the stolen children, Keith Windschuttle and Tasmanian history
  • ANZAC - The 'birth of the nation', World War and memorialisation.
  • Land and Water - Crossing the Blue Mountains, Gold and Coal Mining, food and drought.
  • Nation and Border - Quarantine, immigration and disease.
  • Nation and Border - Modern relations with Indonesia, East Timor, China
  • Rodeo - Masculinity and the outback.