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Boyun Choe - ePortfolio


About Me

My name is Boyun Choe, a doctoral researcher at Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick. Before commencing my doctoral study in 2005, I developed my professional experiences as arts administrator in the arts and cultural sector both in Korea and the United States. As part of academic training, I completed my masters degree in Performing Arts Administration at New York University in 2002.

I successfully passed the viva voce as of 12 Jan 2010 and earned the PhD in Cultural Policy Studies as of 1 Feb 2010. I am now working on several research papers in the related areas of cultural policy; i.e., to name a couple, a socio-political analysis of the recent expansion of arts-based social enterprises in England and Korea and a research monograph on the unacknowledged legacy of Pierre Bourdieu in the field of cultural policy research. If you have any interests in my research areas and wish to share some ideas, feel free to contact me via e-mail. Thank you.



 About My PhD Research

Department: Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick

Supervisor: Prof. Jonothan Neelands

Research Areas: British/Korean Cultural Policies, Discourses and Theories of Creativity, Politics of the Arts and Culture, Arts Education Policies, Partnership-based Governance, Theories of Pierre Bourdieu 

PhD Thesis Title: Cultural Politics of Creativity: A Comparative Study of the Development of the Cultural Policy Discourses of Creativity in England and Korea



Research Overview

This thesis examines the recent development of the policy discourses of creativity in England and Korea. It aims to analyse the values that the word ‘creativity’ represents in policy terms, challenge their underlying assumptions, and explore how the idea of creativity has been implicated in each country’s cultural policy formations. It also provides a critical examination of the similarities and differences between the two countries. In so doing, this thesis attempts to challenge the absence of cultural policy research on creativity and provide a meaningful scholarly contribution to the existing field of cultural policy studies.

In order to provide a comprehensive and critical analysis of the emergence and development of the creativity discourses in England and Korea, the study employs a social scientific method of relational thinking that draws on Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory. By challenging the existing tradition of cultural policy discussion that is either implicitly or explicitly informed by a dichotomous thinking between intrinsic and instrumental values of culture, the study proposes a new critical approach to understanding and examining the complex dynamics of cultural policy issues surrounding the idea of creativity in policy terms. Based on the Bourdieusian heuristic tool of relational thinking, the thesis explores how the idea of creativity has become politically reconstructed so as to serve specific interests, values and dispositions that correspond to a particular political position, rather than a recognised field of cultural or creative practices.


Funding : Korea PG Scholarship 2005-2006, International Office, University of Warwick

Year : 2005 - 2010




Curriculum Vitae



University of Warwick (UK) PhD in Cultural Policy Studies

New York University (US) MA in Performing Arts Administration

Sungkyunkwan University (S. Korea) BA in German Studies


Professional Experiences

Orchestra Manager, International Sejong Soloists, New York, 2002-2003

Festival Coordinator, New York Korean Film Festival, New York, 2002

Performing Arts Programme Coordinator, Artsonje Center, Seoul, 2000

Marketing Assistant/Education Programme Coordinator, Chong Dong Theatre, Seoul, 1998-1999


Research Activities

B. Choe (2010) 'Myths or Truth? A Dangerous Liaison between Social and Economic Purposes in Arts-based Social Enterprises: The Case of South Korea', The 6th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR), Jyväskylä, Finland, 24 - 27 August 2010

J. Neelands and B. Choe (2010) 'The English Model of Creativity: Cultural Politics of an Idea', International Journal of Cultural Policy, Vol. 16 (3), Special Issue on Creativity and Cultural Policy

J. Neelands and B. Choe (2008), 'The English Model of Creativity: Cultural Politics of an Idea', The 5th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR), Istanbul, Turkey, 20-23 August 2008

J. Neelands, J. Winston, and B. Choe (2006) 'The Arts and Artfulness of Creativity: A Social History of Recent Ideas and Tradition in the English Model', Unpublished monograph

Boyun Choe (2006) 'The Notion of Creativity in the British Arts and Cultural Education Policies: the Case of Creative Partnerships', The 3rd Arts Education Workshop for Teachers 2006, hosted by Korea Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES), 26 August 2006

'Establishing a National Film Centre to Develop Korean Film Industry' (a collaborative thesis with K.H. Kim, M.Y. Kim and J.W. Kim), Ho-Am Youth Thesis Award (Ho-Am Chung'nyun Nonmoon'sang), 1999





Boyun Choe
Centre for Cultural Policy Studies
Milburn House
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom




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