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Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Arts

Inclusive education is at the heart of everything we do in the Faculty of Arts.

Working together with students and staff from across the Faculty as well as the Dean of Students Office, the Faculty DSEP team has created the following resources to help support departments' inclusive education action planning.

Faculty of Arts Inclusive Education Report 2023Link opens in a new window

Across five sections, this report showcases the richness and diversity of some of the inclusive education initiatives currently taking place in the Faculty of Arts. The issues covered range from: student co-creation projects, data analysis, accessibility, and transitioning to university, to communication with students.

The examples and guidelines presented in this report are not intended to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to inclusive education. Rather, they are meant to inspire, encourage, and push forward the conversation about inclusive education in the Faculty of Arts.

Inclusive Education Best Practice ToolkitLink opens in a new window

This Best Practice Toolkit is part of a series of inclusive education activities undertaken by the Faculty of Arts during 2023.

The project brings together a toolkit of student-led recommendations to inform future inclusive educational practice, with a focus on the Arts and Humanities.

The toolkit is a co-creation production involving student project officers working with student focus groups and staff from the Faculty of Arts.

Would you like to get involved?

If you'd like to share questions, ideas, or feedback regarding the resources on this page, please message

If you're interested in supporting inclusive education efforts in your department, get in touch with your departmental DSEP, Disability Officer, EDI Officer, WP officer, or HoD to learn more.

We'd like to thank the dozens of students and educators who have so generously contributed their time and insight to help create the resources on this page.

Further resources, training, and information

The Dean of Students Office pages on inclusive educationLink opens in a new window contain more information on the Inclusive Education Model, inclusive education action plans, and the attainment/awarding gap dashboard.

There are numerous WIHEA Learning Circles relevant with regards to inclusive education, including but not limited to: TransLink opens in a new window & Queer Pedagogies Learning CircleLink opens in a new window; Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process in HELink opens in a new window; Co-CreationLink opens in a new window; Inclusive Policy and Practice for Disabled StudentsLink opens in a new window; Neurodiversity and the Student ExperienceLink opens in a new window.