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Charis Tyndall

At the end of September 2013 I started working for Charles Ede Ltd, an Antiquities dealer based in Mayfair, who specialise in Greek, Roman and Egyptian Artefacts. Despite being one of the most distinguished Antiquities dealers in Europe, this niche company has only four employees, including myself. I am currently assisting the Managing Director in all his duties, which range from sourcing objects internationally from auctions, other dealers and private individuals, to hosting our own stand at fairs such as Masterpiece and TEFAF. My role insists on a large amount of research on the stock we own, as well as the stock we wish to purchase, which calls for direct handling of the pieces and interaction with other specialists in the field. It was because of my studies at Warwick that I gained the knowledge required to obtain such a job, allowing an academic edge, where others in the industry (or rather others attempting to enter the industry) have a more artistic background. The world of Antiquities dealing is broad, and the splendid range of modules available at Warwick guided me through a tour of the Ancient World, so that I had a decent knowledge of the key periods

charis tyndall