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CX907-60 Dissertation

Dissertation: Guidelines

The dissertation should be between 15,000 and 20,000 words, including footnotes but excluding bibliography and any appendices (see below re appendices). Penalties will be imposed for work less than 14,000 and more than 21,000 words, as outlined in pg handbook (a deduction of 3% from mark per 1,000 words over/under the word-limit).


You need to start thinking about your dissertation topic as early as possible and start collecting evidence and ideas.
Your final title must be officially approved by Prof Alison Cooley by Friday 14th June 2024, 12 noon

The deadline for submission of the dissertation is Friday 6th September 2024, 12 noon.

The dissertation has to be uploaded on Tabula (not more than 20 Mb).


The dissertation should consist of the following, in this order:

  • title page along the following model (font size & layout as you prefer)


Title of Thesis



Candidate student number




“Thesis submitted as part of the requirements for the Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture


[OR “Thesis submitted as part of the requirements for the Taught MA in the Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome/Greece”]



 Department of Classics and Ancient History


University of Warwick








Word Count



  • table of contents (giving page refs for list of illustrations, intro, chapters, bibl, any appendices)


  • list of figures (give brief description, museum inv no. and source of illustration)


  • introduction


  • chapters


  • appendices (if included, see below)


  • bibliography


  • illustrations: numbered as fig 1 etc. These can either be placed in a section at the end of the thesis, or integrated into the text. Remember to give a brief caption.


Notes: it is preferable to present these as footnotes, rather than end notes. Use them primarily for references to ancient and modern works and remember that you can have more than one reference in a note. Use the name/date system of referencing and follow instructions in Dept style guide.


Binding: not required




For most dissertation appendices are not required. Only include an appendix if you have produced a catalogue as part of the dissertation, or have extensive amounts of primary material (ancient texts, manuscripts, catalogue of inscriptions) which are not otherwise easily accessible.