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List of dissertations supervised


  • Egypt, Rome and Aegyptophilia : rethinking Egypt's relationship with ancient Rome through material culture (2011) Vanessa MacKenzie [co-supervised with Zahra Newby]
  • Power and Identity in Roman Cyprus [AHRC funded] (PhD 2010-14) Ersin Hussein
  • The Impact of the Roman Empire on the Cult of Asclepius (PhD 2012-16) Ghislaine van der Ploeg (part-time)
  • Haec Patria Est: The Conceptualisation, Function and Nature of Patria in the Roman World [AHRC funded] (PhD 2012-16) Alexander Peck
  • Led Across the Danube: Interactions between Rome and the Danubian-Pontic peoples in the first two centuries AD (PhD 2013-2019) Joanna Kemp (part-time)
  • The Transformation of the Sacred Landscape of the Former Kingdom of Hieron II (Sicily) from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire (212 BC-AD 96)  (PhD 2014-2020) James Currie [co-supervised with Suzanne Frey-Kupper] (part-time)
  • Fascinum: the apotropaic phallus in the ancient and modern imagination (PhD 2015-2019) [funded by Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities] Kathryn Thompson
  • Epigraphy Between Manuscript and Print in Southern Europe, 1521-1603 (PhD 2016-2021) [CADRE funded] Paloma Perez Galvan [co-supervised with Ingrid de Smet]
  • Inscribing Flavian Rome: Epigraphic Strategies in Martial’s Epigrams (PhD 2017-2021) [CADRE funded] Alessandra Tafaro [co-supervised with Victoria Rimell]

  • A Crisis of Consensus: The Epigraphic Representation of Imperial Power in the Latin-speaking West, AD 180-235 (PhD 2018-2022) Kieren Johns (CADRE funded) (co-supervised with Clare Rowan)
  • Fires in the Sky; Celestial signs and the Establishment of Divine Legitimacy from 44 BC to AD 96 (PhD 2018-2023) Jonathan Madge
  • The Role of the Imperial Women During the Reigns of the ‘Soldier Emperors’: 235-284 CE (PhD 2021-, part-time) Richard Allard-Meldrum (co-supervised with Clare Rowan)
  • Working Wonders: Ritual and magic in early and classical Roman law (5th century BCE to 3rd century CE) (PhD 2022-) Shekinah Vera-Cruz [funded by Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities]

MA by Research

  • Festering Wounds: Tracing a Legacy of Trauma in Later Portrayals of Abuses of Power and Authority in Ancient and Modern Italy (2022-) Helena Dobbs (co-supervised with Jenny Burns)
  • Responses by British Visitors to the introduction of neoclassical design and the display of classical antiquities in English country estates during the long eighteenth century (2019-23) Lydia Wardle (part-time)
  • Rhythms of the Republic: The experience of time, movement and memory in the context of Roman assassinations (2017-2019) Jack Stradling
  • Gauls, Goths, and the Holy Roman Empire: the impact and significance of the sacks of Rome in 390 BC, AD 410 and 1527 (2015/16) Kim Ingram  
  • Perceptions of imperial power under Caligula (2012/13) Jessica Walker
  • Suetonius' approach to biography (2014) Abigael Flack
  • An investigation into the development and dissemination of Augustan ideology (2013) Joanna Kemp
  • Arena beast and the personal animal: paradox and contrast in the Roman attitude to animals (2012; jointly supervised with Dr Zahra Newby) Caroline Freeman-Cuerden
  • Barbarians and the Roman world: an exploration of the barbarian through the literature of the late Republic and Roman Empire (2010) Neil Treble
  • The res publica from Cicero to Augustus (2009) Tom Watson
  • The politics of drunkenness in Ancient Rome (2005) Lynette Fortey

Taught MA

    • Forgetting in the Forum: The Loss and Creation of Memory in the Forum Romanum (Taught MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome, 2023) Chris Parr
    • Manipulating the Collective Memory of the Jewish Revolt AD 66-73: Comparing State Narratives of the Conflict (Ben Howarth)
    • To what extent has Pirro Ligorio’s career shaped epigraphy as a discipline? (Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture, 2016) Paloma Perez Galvan
    • An analysis of the sexual characteristics of images of Venus from Rome and Italy (Taught MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome, 2013) Charis Tyndall
    • Women in business in Southern Italy (Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture, 2012) Stephanie Lane
    • Foreign gods at Rome (Taught MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome, 2011) Ghislaine van der Ploeg
    • Patron gods in Rome of the late Republic and early Empire (Taught MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome, 2010) Amber Gartrell
    • The place of spectacula in late antique Rome (Taught MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome, 2009) Ersin Hussein
    • The impact of Classical Antiquity on Nazi Germany (Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture, 2006) Lauren Papworth