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Timetable 2021/2022

Dates for the submission of work are underlined below. NB Meetings with supervisors may be in person or online (MSTeams) according to arrangements agreed individually between student and supervisor. Submission of all official work detailed below is via Tabula.
Autumn Term 2021

Week 1 Main Year 3 induction Monday 4th Oct: DF to mention dissertation timetable, esp. first deadline in Wk 2 for outline plan, and rationale of early deadlines as staging posts. Also mention of 3 induction sessions, weeks 2-4, attendance at all of which is compulsory and constitutes a monitoring point.
Week 2 Monday 11 October, noon. 250-word plan of study and a (provisional) title are due (submission on Tabula). Supervisors will be allocated this week by DF.
Induction Session 1 with DF, Tuesday 12th, 2-3pm OC0.03. General guidance on organisation of research and of topic conceptualisation: Scope, Angle, Structure, Materials; anonymised list of concerns from students collected at end.

Week 3 Wednesday 18 October, 12 noon. Submit an outline plan including chapter headings and a bibliography of items already read + a list of items which will be read.
All students should contact their supervisors to arrange for a supervision in Week 3 or early Week 4, which will discuss students’ submissions of titles and outlines.
Induction Session 2 with DF, Tuesday 19th, 2-3pm OC0.03 – Tabulation from DF back to students on their anonymous concerns, and open discussion / Q&A of matters arising.
Week 4 Induction Session 3 with DF, Tuesday 26th, 2-3pm OC0.03 – Discussion of how to work with bibliography and library resources, and advice on how to compile a dissertation bibliography; if not already covered, general guidance on MSWord formatting considerations for clarity and consistency (e.g. use of tabs and indents, page-breaks, footnotes inc. name-date and abbreviations; use of figures, and overall presentation of submission); round up Q/A of anything left to discuss.
Week 5 – Students are to arrange/attend a supervisory meeting.
Week 7 – Students are to arrange/attend a supervisory meeting. Attendance at this meeting is a formal monitoring point.
Week 11 - Friday 17 December, 12 noon. Submit a sample chapter on Tabula.
Spring Term 2022
Weeks 2 & 3 Present a 10-minute powerpoint presentation before peers and a member of staff of dissertation topic, with handout. Days and times for these presentations, which will be conducted online on MSTeams, to be arranged by staff.

This should include an outline of the dissertation as a whole, including chapter headings, and explain the dissertation’s research context and original contribution to the topic. Special attention should be paid to methodology and structure. This will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Feedback will be given on all aspects of structure, content, and presentation of the talk. Students should use handouts and Powerpoint presentations as visual aids. Handouts should be sent to the staff member leading the group before the presentation is due. All participants will fill out a feedback form on the others in their group.
Week 1-2 Students are to arrange to meet with their supervisor to receive feedback on sample chapter.
Week 3 Wednesday 26 January. Students to submit the final title of the dissertation on Tabula.
Week 5 Students are to arrange/attend a supervisory meeting. Attendance at this meeting is a formal monitoring point
Week 8 Students are to arrange/attend a supervisory meeting. Attendance at this meeting is a formal monitoring point
Week 10 - Friday 18 March. Deadline for submitting drafts to your supervisor. Do not submit more than one chapter for feedback at this stage. If you have an extension to the deadline, please discuss with your supervisor in good time, as they may not be readily available after term has finished: staff will be available to meet / send comments in week 11, but are not required to engage in supervision after this point.
Friday 1 April, 12 noon FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE.
Electronic submission on Tabula only (no hard-copy submission required)
Summer Term 2022
Week 10: Feedback released. Date/time tbc