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Greek Religion


This module will investigate the literary, archaeological, and epigraphic evidence for the following over the Archaic and Classical periods

  • The nature of Greek religious beliefs (in particular with respect to the development of the pantheon of gods)
  • The ways in which Greeks communicated with and attempted to influence their gods (through sacrifice, ritual, prayer, dedications and divination)
  • The ways in which Greeks used religion at times of crisis and throughout the stages of life
  • The ways in which Greeks articulated and recognised sacred spaces
  • The ways in which Greeks engaged with mystery religions and cults
  • The ways in which religion permeated Greek political, social, economic and cultural life
  • The ways in which Greek Religion developed and changed throughout Greek history

This module will be available in 2019-20

Lectures will be held on Friday afternoons from 2-4pm

Module Convenor Dr Paul Grigsby