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Greek Religion - Organisation

Weekly readings for the course are taken from: Mikalson, John D. (2010) Ancient Greek Religion, Wiley Blackwell, Chichester. This book is available from the library as an e-book.

A weekly reading schedule and information on additional readings will be provided in week 1.

You will attend weekly lectures and two seminars per term.

In addition to your attendance at lectures, preparation for and attendance at seminars, and completion of assessed essays, during the course you will be participating in the following:

The Sacred Sites Database

Each student on the course will, in conjunction with the module leader, choose a Greek sacred site (sanctuary). Over the course of term 1, each student will research their site. How to enter data and what to focus on will be explained during the lectures in the first couple of weeks. During term 2, students will be asked to complete a database entry in the Sacred Site Database. In term 3 they will present their database entry to the rest of the class during lectures and explain their main findings. Students are expected to conduct research online and in the library (particularly using the books listed below) to complete their database entry (please do not copy from Wikipedia - checks will be made!). In turn, this database will be fully searchable as you look for evidence for your essays and for case-studies for revision when it comes closer to exams. You will also be able to make comments and queries on each entry via an attached forum discussion page.

Some books recommended for consultation (please come and talk to me for other suggestions about particular sites):

THESCRA – Thesaurus Cultus Et Rituum Antiquorum (biographies of sites, ideas and objects associated with Greek religion).

R. Tomlinson Greek Sanctuaries 1976

A W Lawrence Greek Architecture 1983

C. Mee and A. Spawforth Greece: the Oxford Archaeological Guide 2001

A. Spawforth The Complete Greek Temples 2006

J. Pedley Sanctuaries and the Sacred in the Ancient Greek World 2005

M. Emerson Greek Sanctuaries: an introduction 2007

J. Whitley The Archaeology of Ancient Greece 2001

The powerpoint and resources discussed in the Student as Research Sessions led by the Library team can be reviewed here