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Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Knidos

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Archaeological Development

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Open plan circular temple so statue can be easily viewed in the round

Doric order


Aphrodite - Statue

"Aphrodite Euploia", after all, "Aphrodite of Good Sailing"

"An inscription on a nearby foundation names “Athana”, the Doric name for the goddess Athena, providing another possibility as to which deity the upper sanctuary was dedicated to"

Fertility - lots of fruit trees surrounded temple (Pseudo-Lucian, Erotes)

Ritual Activity

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Rules and Regulations

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Other Activities

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people try to have sex with statue

Historical Significance

"So famous did the Aphrodite of Knidos become, in fact, that she inspired generations of artists across the ancient world to make copies. Aphrodite statue after Aphrodite statue was produced, which mimicked or played with the stance and position of the Knidian Aphrodite, and thus her sexual ambiguity."

Who used the site, and where did they come from? 

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Prominant tourist attraction for statue

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Site Plan

A site plan of the Temple