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Further Instructions

The template itself contains basic instructions as to what to put where. In addition things like basic editing, adding images, etc., are covered on the sitebuilder FAQ and training guides linked to from your template. This page will expand to include any questions you e-mail David which are not covered in either of those places, and other useful information.

All technical questions should be directed to David Beck- David dot C dot Beck at warwick dot ac dot uk

  • "How to add your pin to the map"- Join using a google account (you'll need to request membership here and wait for me to authorise it), and then add your information to the google fusion table which is here.
  • "How to find the lat/long of a place"- Pelagios to find it, Pleiades often has a lat/long if you click through "location" enough times, and ITouchMap if you can find it on a modern-day google map.
  • "How to add a map from"- first, find the latitde and longitude as above. Then, while editing the right hand side of the page, click on the small "HTML" icon which will allow you to see the code behind the page. At the bottom should be ""center": {"lat": 50.84, "lng": 5.69}". Change the figures to those of your location, being very careful not to move any commas, colons or other text at all. For some further instructions on this please see vici.orgs widget page.