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Digital Storytelling

The aim of digital storytelling is to select a short story that has a big message, in order to communicate your research within this module to the wider public, developing the your academic skills in outreach, engagement and impact.

This page is designed to provide you with inspiration and resources in creating your own digital story. If you come across anything else, let me know and I will add it to the list!

Useful Resources

Databases of images

When choosing an image, make sure it that its copyright allows it to be reused in an electronic form (normally under a Creative Commons (CC) licence). The image also needs to be of relatively high resolution (720px or higher). Choosing landscape images (as opposed to portrait) will be easier in terms of there being less editing later on. Below are a selection of museum databases that allow online use of their images for educational purposes:

Make sure you include the figure credits in your video credits at the end! For how to cite the images, please consult the relevant pages of the Museum websites.

Non-ancient images (make sure you note the author, title of photo, and CC licence form):

Databases of sound files

Remember, less is more - great stories have been ruined by poor music / sound choices!

Other videos that might inspire.

  • Digital stories by Warwick staff and students are available on our Youtube channel.
  • Students at Monash University in Australia have already created a series of Digital Stories in conjunction with Museum Victoria. Their website has a lot of useful tools, suggestions and templates. Making History.

Software links:


LAME encoder

Some Stories from 2014/15:

Aristophanes of Byzantium (Hellie award winner!)

Finding Venus
Hannibal, the snakes, and the altar
The winged Nike of Samothrace