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Introduction to Greek & Roman History

This module may be taken as a 30 CAT option (CX102-30) for the entire year incorporating both Greek and Roman history, or as a 15 CAT option (CX116-15 Introduction to Greek History, or CX117-15 Introduction to Roman History: The Roman Republic).

This module is intended as an introduction to central themes in Greek and Roman history from the Greek Archaic Period and the Roman Republic before 44 BC.

This course will use the examination of primary and secondary sources as a method of developing the vital skill of analysis. In lectures, essays and on the final exam, you are expected to reach your own general conclusions through a thoughtful and discriminating use of the evidence provided. It will quickly become apparent in this course that there are few "right answers" and even fewer truths. The difference between a good answer and a bad one lies in the case you make, your treatment of the evidence, and your presentation of the argument.

The course and lectures have been designed to provide a clear chronological framework of the main historical periods in the Ancient World with the following objectives:

1. To gain a knowledge of Greek history from early settlements until the 4th century BC and the Roman Republic before 49 BC.

2. To develop an understanding of the different forms history can take, and the factors that affect the creation of history.

3. To cultivate independent research skills.

4. To foster the ability to engage critically with primary and secondary sources in both text and online form.

Convenors: Dr. Conor Trainor (Greek History) and Dr Clare Rowan (Roman History).

This module runs every year.