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Latin Literary Texts

CX 136 / CX 236 / CX 336

Set Texts for 2020-21:
• Virgil, Aeneid, Book IV
• Sallust, Bellum Catilinae

• Cicero, Catilinarians 1

Please start by preparing Virgil, Aeneid IV.

Outline (2020-21)

The purpose of the module is to build upon Latin Language and Literature (or A Level) and to allow students to deepen their understanding of Latin by further reading of significant works by authors and in genres for the most part not previously studied. As well as developing students' ability to read Latin more fluently and to translate from Latin, the module also teaches advanced grammar, and provides an introduction to literary criticism and philological analysis at degree level. By the end of this module students should expect to have:

• an advanced and comprehensive knowledge of Latin grammar
• the ability to recognise and comment upon a number of different genres and stylistic registers in Roman texts
• the ability to translate the set texts and recognise the philological and interpretative implications of their translations
• an awareness of how the thematic concerns of the individual books studied relate to the authors’ work as a whole
• the ability to translate previously unprepared passages from the set authors
• the ability to interpret and discuss critically aspects of the set texts and of some secondary bibliography

This module runs every year.

* Term 1 2020-21 timetable: Monday, 9-11, Room S0.19

Module convenor: Dr Maude Vanhaelen


Office hours: by appointment, please send me an email