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Wk 1 Thurs 8 Oct


Defining and recognising fiction (Lecture, with discussion)

Wk 2 Thurs 15 Oct

An experiment in early fiction: Gyges’ ring (Lecture)

Ancient theories of fiction (Discussion)

Wk 3 Thurs 22 Oct 10:00

Virgil as fiction (Lecture)

Wk 3 Thurs 22 Oct 16:00

Epic, fiction, and the novel (Seminar)

Wk 4 Thurs 29 Oct

The role of Book 9 in Virgil’s Aeneid (Discussion)

The origins and idea of the ‘ancient novel’ (Lecture)

Wk 5 Thurs 5 Nov

Introduction/Background to Daphnis and Chloe (Lecture)

Ancient Greek ‘romances’ (Lecture)


Wk 7 Thurs 19 Nov

Daphnis and Chloe Prologue (Lecture)

Daphnis and Chloe Books 2-4 (Discussion)

Wk 8 Thurs 26 Nov 10:00

Connecting themes in Daphnis and Chloe (Lecture I)

Introduction to History of Apollonius King of Tyre (Lecture II)

Wk 8 Thurs 26 Nov 16:00

Essay Strategies (Seminar)

Wk 9 Thurs 3 Dec

Rhetoric and style in the ancient novel (Lecture)

The ancient novel: context and considerations (Discussion)

Wk 10 Thurs 10 Dec

Ancient & Modern Theories of Narrative (Lecture, with discussion)


Wk 1 Thurs 14 Jan

Introduction to Seneca’s Apocolocyntosis (Lecture)

Satire, parody and the generation of fiction (Discussion)

Wk 2 Thurs 21 Jan

Introduction to Petronius’ Satyricon (Lecture)

Parody in the Widow of Ephesus (Discussion)

Wk 3 Thurs 28 Jan 10:00

Introduction to Apuleius and The Golden Ass (Lecture)

Prologue to The Golden Ass (Discussion)

Wk 3 Thurs 28 Jan 16:00

Cena Trimalchionis / Trimalchio's Dinner (Seminar)

Wk 4 Thurs 4 Feb

Fiction and fantasy in Apuleius (Lecture)

Cupid and Psyche (Discussion)

Wk 5 Thurs 11 Feb

Religion and philosophy in The Golden Ass (Lecture)

The meaning and impact of Book 11 (Discussion)


Wk 7 Thurs 25 Feb

Fiction, philosophy and logical closure (Lecture, with discussion)

Wk 8 Thurs 3 Mar 10:00

Philosophy in Lucian’s True Histories (Lecture)

Book 2 of Lucian's True Histories (Discussion)

Wk 8 Thurs 3 Mar 16:00

First and third person narration (Seminar)

Wk 9 Thurs 10 Mar

Ancient and modern novels (i): The Renaissance (Lecture)

Lucian, Thomas More and Utopia

Wk 10 Thurs 17 March

Ancient and modern novels (ii): The Modern Novel (Lecture)

Specific comparisons between ancient and modern novels (Discussion)


Wk 1 Thurs 28 April: The novel and genre (Presentations and discussion)

Wk 2 Thurs 5 May: Greek fiction/Roman fiction (Presentations and discussion)

Wk 3 Thurs 12 May: Practice examination essays