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Non-assessed element

The first item of work for this course is a non-assessed book review, which should be handed in by Friday 9th November 2001. The review should be about 750 words long (certainly not over 1,000). Suggested titles for review are items included on the module bibliography by Hanson (Western Way of War); Santosuosso (Soldiers); Engels (Alexander); or from next term's bibliography by C.M. Gilliver, The Roman Art of War (1999); A.K. Goldsworthy, The Roman Army at War, 100 B.C. -A.D. 200 (1996); N. Pollard, Soldiers, Cities and Civilians in Roman Syria (2001). If you wish to chose a different title for review, please check first that it is suitable and useful.

Assessment of the course for all students is 50% for the course essays (length: 2,500 words) and 50% for a 2-hour exam in the May/June session of examinations.

Students are required to produce 2 essays during the module (length: 2,500 words), one in each term. Essays should answer the question direcetly and completely; an analytical essay with clear and systematic arguments will receive more credit than a meandering narrative; arguments must be supported by evidence, both the primary sources and the conclusions of modern debates. Essays must be provided with proper bibliographic references, and be presented legibly; use of a word processor is encouraged. Spelling and grammar must be of an acceptable standard.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 12.00, Monday 29th November (WEEK 9) for Term 1 essay.