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Classics News and Events

Coin of the Month: Greek by name, Indian by nature: Indo–Greek Coinage


In May's coin of the month Tunrayo Olaoshun explores Indo-Greek coinage. Read more here.

PG Classics Colloquium 2019

Wednesday 22 May 2019, in OC1.06.

The Postgraduate Classics Colloquium is an annual event which showcases the work of the PhD community within the department of Classics and Ancient History. It provides the opportunity to engage with the diversity of research which is currently being undertaken at a postgraduate level here at Warwick.

Wed 01 May 2019, 15:14 | Tags: Postgraduate PGR research PGT research

Public Engagement Contribution Award Nomination for Classics Staff

Prof. Michael Scott and Dr Paul Grigsby from the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History have been nominated for the 2019 Public Engagement Contribution Award. Prof. Scott and Dr Grigsby run the Warwick Classics Network and have been involved in a number of projects during this past year in bringing the work of the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History to the wider public and to local schools.

Coin of the Month: The snake god and the satirist

April's coin of the month, written by Matthew Smith, explores Lucian's Alexander in connection with a coin from Abonuteichos.

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