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Past Postgraduate Research Topics

Recently completed research degrees

  • Jonathan Madge: Fires in the Sky; Celestial signs and the Establishment of Divine Legitimacy from 44 BC to AD 96. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Kieren Johns: A Crisis of Consensus: The Epigraphic Representation of Imperial Power in the Latin-speaking West, AD 180-235. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Alessandro Bona: From Coin Finds to the Economic and Social History of a Roman town. The case of Mediolanum. Supervisors: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Fupper & Prof. Claudia Perassi (Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth of Milan).
  • Victoria Jewell: Colour Constructs in Ancient Greek Society. Supervisors: Prof Zahra Newby & Prof Michael Scott.
  • Alessandra Tafaro (2021): Inscribing Flavian Rome: Epigraphic Strategies of Martial’s Epigrams. Supervisors: Prof Alison Cooley & Prof Victoria Rimell.
  • Effimia Stavropoulou (2021): Metals, Metallurgy and Divine Agency in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature. Supervisor: Dr Emmanuela Bakola.
  • Denise Wilding (2021): Tokens and Communities in the Roman provinces of Egypt, Gaul and Britain. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof Kevin Butcher.
  • Paloma Perez-Galvan (2021): 'Epigraphy Between Manuscript and Print in Southern Europe, 1521-1603’ . Supervisors: Prof Ingrid De Smet and Prof Alison Cooley.
  • Nicholas Brown (2020): The Inscribed Sculptures of Archaic Greece. Supervisors: Dr David Fearn & Prof. Michael Scott.
  • David Swan (2020): Celtic coinage. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof Kevin Butcher.
  • George Green: Gold Coinage in the Roman World: Function and Production. Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher.
  • James Nicholas Currie (2020): 'The Transformation of the Sacred Landscape within the Former Kingdom of Hieron II, Southeastern Sicily. From the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire (212 BC - 96 AD)' [Supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper]
  • Martina Russo (2020): 'The Theory and Practice of Adulatio in Seneca the Younger' [Supervisor: Prof Victoria Rimell]
  • Nigel Heathcote(2020): 'Damnatio memoriae and exemplarity in imperial Rome, from the Julio-Claudians to the Severans' [Supervisor: Prof. Zahra Newby]
  • Simone Mollea (2020): 'Pagan Humanitas in the Imperial Age. From Pliny the Younger to Symmachus' [Supervisors: Prof Victoria Rimell & Dr Maude Vanhaelen]

MA by research

  • Maria Karolidou (2020) 'Themistius. A politician in disguise' [Supervisor: Dr Caroline Petit]
  • Jessica Burkinshaw (2020) 'The Cult of Serapis'. [Supervisors: Dr Conor Trainor & Prof. Zahra Newby]
  • Harvey Aungles (2020) 'Desire for rhetoric' [Supervisor: Prof. Victoria Rimell]
  • Matthew Smith (2020) 'Dreams in ancient medical texts' [Supervisor Dr Caroline Petit]