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The Warwick Department of Classics and Ancient History is one of the strongest numismatic research hubs within Europe, a strength formally recognised by the UK REF 2008 and 2014. We host a yearly numismatic conference involving specialists from Europe and abroad, have multiple national and international collaborations, and host several externally funded projects. Our Coins at Warwick blog features numismatic research from both staff and students. Find out more about studying numismatics at Warwick here. Find out more about our current research in numismatics here. Major projects underway at the moment include Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean, Rome and the Coinages of the Ancient Mediterranean, and Historia Numorum Sicily.

In addition to three full time members of staff (Prof. Kevin Butcher, Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Ass. Prof. Clare Rowan), the department is home to several postdoctoral researchers who specialise in numismatics. The department also benefits from Emeritus Reader Stanley Ireland, and our Associate Fellows, Dr. Marguerite Spoerri Butcher and Professor Chris Howgego of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. A specialist numismatic library, teaching collection and working space is available within our numismatic hub. We cover all aspects of ancient numismatics: studies of iconography, metallurgy and scientific analysis, metrology, finds, the economy, numismatics in the Renaissance, and paranumismatics.