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Cristian Mondello

Cristian MondelloBritish Academy Visiting Fellow
Email: Christian dot Mondello at warwick dot ac dot uk
Telephone: 02476 528493

Room H2.06
Humanities Building, University Road
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL


Cristian Mondello holds a BA/MA in Classical Archaeology and a PhD in Archaeological and Historical Sciences. He specialises in Roman History and Historiography.

Since 2017, he was an assistant (“Cultore della materia”) in the Department of Roman History and Ancient Numismatics at the DICAM (Dipartimento di Civiltà Antiche e Moderne) of the University of Messina. He has contributed to the support and development of the web application DIANA (Digital Iconographic Atlas of Numismatics in Antiquity) created by the University of Messina - LIN Project (MURST 2000). In 2016, his doctoral dissertation on the reception of classical sources by Eusebius of Caesarea was awarded the research prize in Ancient history, “Premio Anassilaos Ricerca”, by the Associazione Culturale Anassilaos.

From May 2018, Cristian will be at Warwick as a British Academy Visiting Fellow, conducting research on tokens of late antiquity. He will work alongside the Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean team.

Research interests

Cristian works on Roman history and historiography, with a particular focus on the social, religious and political aspects of the imperial age and late antiquity (2nd-5th centuries AD). He is also interested in Roman coins and tokens which, as an expression of relationships, exchanges and culture, contain remarkable informative potential for the understanding of broader aspects within ancient communities. He examines the relations between pagans and Christians in the late Roman Empire through an interdisciplinary and multi-scalar approach combining literary/documentary sources, numismatic evidence as well as material and visual culture. Cristian will join the Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean team at Warwick as a British Academy Visiting Fellow, and will focus on the tokens of the Roman West and their connections with society, religion and culture in late antiquity.


  • BA/MA (University of Messina)
  • PhD (University of Messina)

Selected Publications


Papers and Book Chapters

  • Mondello C., ‘Using and Reusing Tokens: Some remarks about Christian graffiti on the contorniates’, in C. Rowan, N. Crisà and M. Gkikaki (eds.), Tokens: Culture, Connections, Communities. London: Royal Numismatic Society (forthcoming).
  • Mondello C., ‘Nuove osservazioni sui contorniati: la serie dei Literaten Büsten’, in M. Caccamo Caltabiano et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the XV International Numismatic Congress. Taormina 2015. Roma-Messina: Arbor Sapientiae, 2017. Vol. 2: 772-776. ISBN: 978-88-94820-31-7
  • Mondello C., ‘Sui Lares di Severo Alessandro (HA Alex. Sev. 29,2; 31,4-5): fra conservazione e trasformazione’, Hormos. Ricerche di Storia Antica n.s. 9 (2017): 189-229. ISSN: 2036-587X
  • Mondello C., ‘Versioni e formae vulgatae degli oracoli di Delfi: alcune note a proposito di Erodoto e dei frammenti di Enomao di Gadara’, Graeco-Latina Brunensia 22 (1) (2017): 165-190. ISSN: 2336-4424
  • Mondello C., ‘Simboli nuovi e simboli antichi sui contorniati’, Revista Numismática Hécate 3 (2016): 121-136. ISSN: 2386-8643
  • Mondello C., ‘Eusebio di Cesarea e la storia di Roma: il caso del Chronicon’, KOINΩNIA 39 (2015): 127-151. Token

The Asina Tokens: A Mystery from Late Antiquity:

I tokens "Asina". Un mistero nella Tarda Antichità