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KS2 Resources

BBC Bitesize - Historical skills


Understanding Evidence

BBC Bitesize Ancient Greece


Who were the ancient Greeks? 
How did the Olympic Games begin?
What was it like to live in an ancient Greek family?
Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes?
The ancient Greeks at war
What do we know about ancient Greek culture?
How did the ancient Greeks change the world?
4 class clips

Classical Tales

The Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge have created this suite of free downloadable audio files and teaching resources produced by award-winning storytellers Daniel Morden and Hugh Lupton, suitable for both KS2 and KS3.


Aesop's Fables
Tales of Metamorphoses
The War With Troy
The Return From Troy

Primary Ancient Greeks


Part of the University of Cambridge School Classics Project, this website provides free, accessible and engaging materials for teaching Ancient Greece at KS2. The stories for each week are linked by a common theme and provide the introduction to a history topic. Resources include a ‘How to use these materials’ section with information about learning objectives and teaching approaches

BBC Bitesize Roman History


What was life like in ancient Rome?
How the Romans conquered Britain
What was life like in the Roman army?
Did the Romans conquer Scotland?
What was it like in Roman Britain?
How did the Romans change Britain?
36 Roman Empire Class Clips

Minimus Latin for Primary Schools


BBC Bitesize Ancient Egypt


18 Class Clips