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WCN Public Engagement with Museums

The Warwickshire Silver Denarii Hoards - Market Hall Museum, Warwick

SIlver denarii hoard Warwick

The WCN are pleased to announce that Dr Grigsby has secured £3000 from the WIE to undertake a project to strengthen the relationship betwen the Dept of Classics and Ancient History and Warwickshire Museum. The money is being used to develop an engagement project on the Roman coin hoards displayed at Market Hall Museum.

Over the summer of 2022 the coins of one of the hoards are being photographed by Warwick PhD student Campbell Orchard. Our aim is to increase public engagement with these remarkable objects and to undertake new research to bring these objects to life.

Scanning Artefacts from Lunt Roman Fort

Lunt Finial Bowl

In 2021 the WCN received funding from the Classical Association and the Warwick Arts Impact Fund to undertake a project with Culture Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, and Lunt Roman Fort. Our aim was to create 3D prints and online moveable digital copies of some of the amazing artefacts housed at Lunt Roman Fort. These printed and digital copies will form the heart of a set of school resources which are currently being developed by the WCN. These resources will be available online and the 3D prints will form part of our Travelling Museum resource offering.