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Bitesized Ancient History and its content is created by Warwick Classics

graduate, Kelsi Russell (right), who currently studies Egyptology at The University of Cambridge.

Check out this fantastic blog for articles on:

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, plus the Bitesized Ancient History Artefact of the Week.

Recommended for students and teachers alike, Kelsi has also started recording a Study Tips Vlog which you can check out here.

Welcome to Material Musings! This is a new monthly blog which will feature a variety of subject matter related to material culture from the ancient world. It aims to highlight and showcase some aspects of research work done in the Department of Classics and Ancient History and bring these to a wider audience. We hope that you will find the posts interesting, informative and enjoyable!

Jacqui Butler and Matthew Evans

Rebecca Preedy studies Ancient History and Classical Archaeology here at Warwick and has just returned from a year abroad in Rome (yes, you can do that here at Warwick). Having not studied Classics academically before university, Rebecca is enjoying studying a subject her school never offered, as well as expanding on skills she already has in literature and languages.

Rebecca's OurWarwick Blog delves into both the world of Classics and student life more generally.