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Classical Civilisation Teachers' Day 2022

On 29th April 2022, the Department of Classics and Ancient History welcomed 50 teachers from across the country to our annual Classical Civilisation Teachers' Day. Teachers attended lectures by our Warwick academics on aspects of the Class Civ A-level specs (see schedule below), with our speakers providing thoughts on modern scholarship and useful texts to give to students, all in the surrounds of our lovely new Faculty of Arts Building with it's amazing antiquities room (pictured).

Resources - videos, PowerPoints and Handouts - from the day's talks can be accessed here.

Warwick Classics antiquities room

The programme of talks were as below:

Beliefs and Ideas - parallel sessions:

Democracy and the Athenians: Prof James Davidson

Love and Relationships: Prof Victoria Rimell

Politics of the Late Republic: Dr Consuelo Martino

Greek Religion: Dr Paul Grigsby

World of Hero - serial sessions:

Homer - Prof David Fearn

Virgil - Dr Elena Giusti

Culture and the Arts - parallel sessions:

Imperial Image: Dr Clare Rowan

Greek Theatre: Dr Xavier Buxton

Greek Art: Prof Zahra Newby