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Engaging the Wider Community

Department Blogs

Find out more about the wide range of blogs on various topics in Classics and Ancient History created by members of the Department, including our Material Musings blog and others.

Warwick Ancient Drama Festival

Our popular Warwick Ancient Drama Festival is an annual institution now here at the University of Warwick. Run by Warwick Classics students, with a schools day and public performances, this is our biggest engagament event of the year. Find out more about past perforamnces and how to attend the 2023 Festival where we will be performing Aristophanes' AssemblyWomen.

Stef Conner at Resonate FestivalPublic Events

Find out more about the public events we are currently planning and about those we have already run here at the Warwick campus and in the surrounding area.

Online Resources

Our online resources offer a wide range of material created for teachers, pupils, and the general public. Whether you are home schooling, teaching Classics and Ancient History, a student keen to learn more, or simply someone interested in learning more about the ancient world, you will find something for you here.