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Why Study Classics? Resources for Pupils/Students



For many of us, the Classical world - that of Ancient Greece and Rome - is already strangely familiar; something we know about without ever having studied it. Perhaps we have heard of the Trojan Horse, of Odysseus, the Greek gods such as Zeus, or figures from Greek mythology such as Theseus and the Minotaur, or Perseus and Medusa. We may have heard of Hannibal crossing the Alps, of Spartacus, of Julius Caesar, and of gladiators. These are things we encounter again and again in books, on TV, in the cinema, and in art. The ancient Classical world and its influential languages has had an important impact on much of our Western culture, on the languages we use to this day, and provides a fascinating, enjoyable, and also highly beneficial subject to study.

Below we will give you a few answers to the question 'Why Study Classics?' We will explain why studying Classics can benefit your learning across the board, and lead you to success in employment and at university. And we have also included comments from other pupils have enjoyed and benefitted from studying Clasical subjects.

Above all, we hope to emphasise that the main reason for studying the ancient Classical world is the fun and excitement of learning about such a fascinating and important world, one that influenced and still influences our world today.