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nb: each week, everyone will attend a two-hour session consisting of 1 hour of more formal lecture, and 1 hour of seminar-style, question-led group work and discussion. In addition, Q800 students will have an additional hour-long class in which we will look in detail at the prescribed Latin texts (these students should do as much preparation of translation as possible on their own, as we will not be able to translate every line together: the point of these sessions is to trouble-shoot and talk through difficult/interesting points of grammar and interpretation. See schedule of Latin text in the text reading page).

* Note that thanks to the generous funding of the IATL and the HRC there are a number of Public Lectures delivered by international speakers, attendance to which is mandatory.

Autumn Term 2018

Week 1 - 4th October (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 1: Why Africa? Introduction
Lecture 2: Looking for the Ethiopians (selections of Homer and Herodotus)

Week 2 - 11th October (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 3: Hellenized Egyptian Tales (selections of Herodotus, Odyssey 4, Euripides Helen)

Seminar Class 1 [on lectures 1-2]

Week 3 - 18th October (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 4: The ‘other’ in Greek Tragedy: Aeschylus’ Suppliant Women

Seminar Class 2 [on Odyssey 4 and Euripides’ Helen]

*Week 4 - 25th October (10-11 in H0.58 + 5-6pm in OC 1.06)

Seminar Class on Aeschylus' Suppliant Women with Dr Sarah Derbew (Stanford/Harvard)

*Lecture 5 [Public Lecture, 5pm in OC 1.06] Dr Sarah Derbew (Stanford/Harvard) "Astute Performers: The Danaids in Aeschylus’ Suppliant Women"

Week 5 - 1st November (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 6: Libya and the birth of Latin literature (Plautus’ Poenulus)

Seminar Class on Pindar’s Pythian 4 with Dr Theodora Hadjimichael

Week 6 - Reading Week

Week 7 - 15th November (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 7: Africa and the late Republic - Sallust’s Jugurtha and Livy’s Hannibal (Sallust’s Jugurthine War, selections of Livy History of Rome, esp. books 21 and 30)

Seminar Class on Plautus’ Poenulus

Week 8 - 22nd November (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 8: Carthage in Augustan literature (Virgil Aeneid 1 and 4, Horace Epodes 7, 9 and 16; Odes 1.37, 2.1, 3.3, 4.4)

Seminar Class on Sallust’s Jugurtha and Livy’s Hannibal

Week 9 - 29th November (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 9: Imperial Visions of Africa (selections of Lucan Civil War 4, 9, 10; Silius Italicus Punica, Petrarch Africa)

Seminar Class on Africa in Augustan Literature

Week 10 - 6th December (9-11 in H0.58)

Lecture 10: End of Term Recap

Seminar Class on Imperial Visions of Africa

Spring Term 2019

Week 1 - 10th January

Lecture 1: Introduction to Term 2: Postcolonial Theory, Classica Africana

Lecture 2: Seeing Double: Hellenistic Literature (Callimachus Hymn to Apollo, Hymn to Zeus, Coma Berenices (fr. 110 Pf), Theocritus Idyll 15, Apollonius Argonautica selections of Book 4)

Week 2 - 17th January

Lecture 3: Heliodorus (selections)

Seminar Class on Hellenistic literature, esp. Apollonius Argonautica 3-4 and Pindar Pythian 4; Callimachus Coma Berenices and Catullus Carmen 66

Week 3 - 24th January
Lecture 4: Apuleius and Africa (Apuleius Metamorphoses selections, esp. 1 and 11; Apologia)

Seminar Class on Heliodorus

Week 4 - 31st January
Lecture 5: the African Fathers of the Church: Augustine and Tertullian

Seminar Class on Apuleius

Week 5 - 7th February

Lecture 6: Black Athena and African Athena

Seminar Class on Augustine

Week 6 Reading Week

Week 7 - 21st February

Lecture 7 Derek Walcott Omeros with Dr Matthew Rumbold

Seminar Class

Week 8 - 28th February
Seminar Class on W. E. B. Du Bois (with Dr Mathias Hanses)
*Lecture 8 [Public Lecture, 5pm]: Dr Mathias Hanses (Penn State)

Week 9 - 7th March

Seminar Class on Toni Morrison (with Dr Tessa Roynon)

*Lecture 9 [Public Lecture]: Dr Tessa Roynon (Oxford): 'Black Classicism: some theory, some practice and some dilemmas'

Week 10 - 14th and 15th March

*Lecture 10 [Public Lecture, Friday 15th March 5pm]: Prof Patrice Rankine (University of Richmond)

Summer Term 2019

Week 1 - 25th April

Revision Session

Week 2 - 2nd May

*Lecture 11 [Public Lecture]: Dr Dan-El Padilla Peralta (Princeton) “The Etruscan Negro: from coin to memory to racial politics”

** [attendance optional but highly recommended] Public Engagement Event on Friday 3rd May Racing the Classics, with Dr Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Brown) and Dr Dan-El Padilla Peralta (Princeton)

Week 3 - 24th January

*Lecture 12 [Public Lecture] Dr Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Brown): “Speaking (of) Greek: Reflections on Value in Post-9/11 Receptions of Epic"