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Term 1 (Autumn 2018)

nb: each week, everyone will attend a two-hour session consisting of 1 hour of more formal lecture, and 1 hour of seminar-style, question-led group work and discussion. In addition, Q800 students will have an additional hour-long class in which we will look in detail at the prescribed Latin texts (these students should do as much preparation of translation as possible on their own, as we will not be able to translate every line together: the point of these sessions is to trouble-shoot and talk through difficult/interesting points of grammar and interpretation. See schedule of Latin text in the text reading page).

Week 1: Why Africa? Introduction (Africa in Greek literature and culture/art, the Black Athena Debate)

Week 2: Ethiopia and Egypt (Homer, Herodotus)

Week 3: Greek Lyric (Pindar)

Week 4: Greek Tragedy (Aeschylus, Euripides)

Week 5: Libya and the birth of Latin Literature (Ennius, Naevius, Plautus)

Week 6: reading week

Week 7: Africa and the late Republic (Sallust, Lucretius, Catullus)

Week 9: Punic Wars in history and epic (Virgil, Livy, Silius)

Week 10: Africa and the Empire (Lucan, Silius)

Term 2 (Spring 2019)

Week 1: Introduction to Term 2 (postcolonialism, Classica Africana) + 'Seeing Double': Hellenism and Egypt (Callimachus, Apollonius, Theocritus)

Week 2: Apuleius

Week 3: Augustine and the Christians

Week 4: Heliodorus

Week 5: Black Athena - moving forward

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: Reception and Classica Africana

Week 8: Classics in South Africa

Week 9: 'Afro-Greeks' - the Caribbeans (Derek Walcott)

Week 10: Afro-American Classics - Toni Morrison