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From Confucius to Constantine: Ancient Global History - Assessed Essays and Projects

Term 1:

Assessed Essay: All students will keep a 2500-3000 word essay. There will be a choice of 4 essay titles and select introductory bibliography will be provided for each. These titles will be published when the module commences in October 2018.

Term 2:

There is a choice of assessment options for students (choice to be made in week 10 of term 1).

Option A: An assessed essay (2500-3000 words) from a selection of 4 essay titles (as in term 1). Titles to be published when module commences.

Option B: A Research Project. This project can take 2 forms:

B1. Your research will be based on the data already in the portal. You must choose a selection of data entries that interest you, develop your own research question in response to this data (in agreement with the module convenor) and then research your response to that question. You will submit your answer to your research question in an essay of 2500-3000 words.

B2: The student undertakes to research a new area of ancient interaction not yet covered by the Portal, learn the digital skills required to input data into the portal (in a 2 hour supervised session), and then create new additions to the portal (linked to their Warwick IDs). Students will be responsible for creating 4 'Narrative Chains', each comprised of 4 individual entries (each entry approx 100 words). Students will need to submit a 250 outline of the subject of their narrative chains + individual entries to the module convenor in advance to ensure there is no overlap between students).

Alongside these new entries, students also will need to write a reflective piece (1500 words) on their choices, research bibliographies and outcome + impact of their data entries on the wider picture of ancient connectivity represented within the portal.

Their assessment will be judged on the quality of their data entries (50% of their mark) and their reflective piece (50% of their mark). You will be able to download a PDF of your new entries to to submit to Tabula alongside your reflective written piece.

Assessment Criteria for Options B1 and B2 are different from the standard essay criteria. Please see the Assessment Criteria page for details.