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There is one two-hour lecture each week, Mondays 4 - 6 in OCO.01.

There are also weekly text-based classes for students studying the module as a Latin-text option: Mondays at 1 in H4.01. These are crucial since they not only offer linguistic and grammatical help in translating what are interesting but difficult texts, but they also offer the chance for us to discuss issues of historical and literary interpretation. They are essential background both for preparing for the second assessed essay and
for the exam.

There will also be three seminars in both the autumn term (Weeks 3, 5, 8) and spring term (Weeks 3 5, 8). Group A: Monday 10-11 in H3.44; Group B: Monday 3-4 in B204/5 (Sci Concourse); Group C: Monday 5-6 in OCO.01 (the lecture room).

In the summer term, lectures continue as normal for the first three weeks of term (where possible: there will be some rescheduling due to bank holidays): these are an integral part of the course, designed particularly to enable you to develop an overview of the module and to help you revise for the exam.

The lectures will present the basic chronological framework of the period, and will explore how to interpret many different types of primary sources, providing guidance in assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses as historical evidence, and will highlight some of the main areas of debate. After each lecture, students are advised how best to consolidate the topic covered through independent study (see lecture consolidation - further reading), and will be required to read a small article/chapter to prepare for the following lecture (see lecture preparation). Online links are provided to facilitate access to research materials.

In addition, the group will be divided into three for three seminars in the first two terms. For some seminars, pairs of students will be asked to prepare informal presentations for these seminars, and to lead the discussion, whilst other students will be designated as seminar respondents. Other seminars will take the form of a plenary debate. All students will need to prepare for all seminars. Seminar worksheets will be distributed two weeks before each seminar, and can be accessed online.

Students are advised that attendance for every lecture and seminar is necessary since the assessed essays and exam paper will draw upon the material covered in them. You are also advised that your essays and exam answers should also demonstrate your own independent study. If you have to miss a lecture or seminar for some good reason, please let me know in advance if possible, or as soon as possible thereafter.