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Epic & Epyllion


A systematic exploration of the development of Greek and Latin narrative poetry from antiquity. The myths presented by authors such as Apollonius, Catullus and Ovid are often well known: the approach here will advance beyond appreciation of the stories to consider questions about genre, poetic form and narrative technique, recurrent themes, literary genealogy, tradition and innovation. A very wide range of texts will be approached in the lectures, but you will be able to focus on individual authors and works in your essays. Students outside the Classics department who want to take this module should be familiar Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid.

Available in 2014-15.

Module convenor: Andrew Laird


knowledge of, and interest in, Homer and Virgil are a prerequisite for this course. Details of Latin editions, commentaries, etc. are given on the Syllabus page.