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Latin Language & Literature (Intermediate)

CX 101, 201, 301

depending on year of study.


There will be three hours of classes each week throughout term 1 and term 2 and for the first 3 weeks of term 3. Please note that there will will one class on the Friday of Reading Week (Week 6).


This module builds upon Latin Language CX115 module and gives the opportunity to read significant passages of original authors. Students need to have a sound basis to enrol on the module, as follows:

  • Students who have studied Latin Language (Beginners) module need to have achieved 70% to be eligible for this module.
  • First year undergraduates would normally have studied Latin at A level but not achieved the A grade necessary for Latin Literary Texts.
  • Any undergraduate with a good GCSE pass (A* or A) who proposes to take this course should contact me in early September. Experience has shown that the two-year gap in studying Latin means that students are often not adequately prepared for the demands of this course. I will set set work to be completed before the start of term and set a diagnostic test.


There are three hours of teaching each week. Attendance is required at all classes. If you are ill, you should contact your lecturer by email as soon as possible giving an indication of why you could not be expected to attend. In the absence of any such email, attendance will be noted as unauthorised.


Language Clinics and Office Hours are an important part of the module, offering students the opportunity to sort out areas of uncertainty as the module progresses. Each module tutor has their hours displayed outside their office.

This module runs each year. Module convenor: Mr Clive Letchford.