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Autumn Term 2016

Week 1. Introduction to ancient Greek and Roman medicine

Week 2. Health and Disease in the Ancient World: Multiple Sources and Approaches

Week 3. Greek Medicine : The challenges of modern historiography (guest lecture by Kathryn Thompson, PhD Candidate at Warwick)

Week 4. Medicine & Greek Literature: student-led seminar (Homer; Sophocles; Aristophanes; Thucydides)

Week 5. Hippocrates and Classical Medicine

Week 6: Reading Week (no lecture)

Week 7. Health, Disease and the Environment

Week 8. Ancient Therapeutics: Regimen, Surgery and Drugs

Week 9. Medicine for Women

Week 10. Medicine and Healing Cults

Spring Term 2017

Week 1. A new dawn: anatomy at Alexandria

Week 2. Medicine in the Roman Empire: student-led seminar

Week 3. Galen of Pergamum (c. 129-216 AD)

Week 4. A new medical text: Galen's On avoiding distress

Week 5. Is there such a thing as medical ethics in the Ancient World?

Week 6. Reading Week (no lecture)

Week 7. Ancient medicine & Islam

Week 8. Traditional medicine, East & West: the case of Tibetan medicine

Week 9. "States of Mind": borderline experiences of consciousness

Week 10. Mental disorders in antiquity: Guest lecture by Dr. Chiara Thumiger, Warwick

Summer Term

Week 1. Revision + lecture 5-6pm by Dr. Ido Israelowich (Tel Aviv) on Forensic Medicine in the Roman World

Week 2. Revision