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Assessment is by means of two 2500-word essays and a two-hour exam in the summer term.

Exam revision:

We will have sessions on exam questions and gobbets in term 3. The exam paper consists of two sections. The first contains gobbets. You may choose any TWO gobbets out of a total of 4 texts and 4 images. You may choose two images, or two texts if you wish; you are not required to choose one of each. The second section contains a choice of essay questions. You must choose TWO essay questions.

When revising, think about the main topics covered. These are:

The history of the Roman Near East, and Rome's relations with the Parthians, Sasanians and Federate Arabs

The rise and fall of Palmyra

Roman political institutions: provincial divisions; client kingdoms; the cities

Economic evidence, particularly the Dead Cities and the Hauran, and pottery, imported stone and coinage

Language, art, culture and identity

Religion and identity: pagan cults, imperial cult, Christianity

Military interaction with the inhabitants

Below is a sample exam paper, so you can gain an impression of the sort of gobbets and questions:

Sample exam paper