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Warwick at Knossos

Knossos landscape

Warwick at Knossos 2023

Spencer Wilson has been busy recording this year's field trip to Knossos and has produced three wonderful videos of what the students have been up to.

The first video is about reconstructing ancient ceramics from the legacy data at Knossos

In this second video made by Spencer Wilson as part of the Warwick at Knossos 2023 field trip, Warwick student Will Vernon talks about processing "legacy data" and the benefits of the fieldwork module.

In the final Warwick at Knossos KLASP 2023 video produced by Spencer Wilson, Sadie Evans provides a guide to technical drawing of archaeological artefacts.

Warwick at Knossos 2022

You can see a brief video of last year's project at Knossos below.