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Hercules (2014)Hercules (2014)

Director: Brett Ratner

One of the latest in a long line of films about Hercules, this action adventure starring Dwayne Johnson was originally based on a graphic novel by Steve Moore. Although it received mixed reviews, the film was a success, with the action sequences and Johnson’s performance being highlights.

At some points it is clear that accuracy has been sacrificed for cinematic value. Hercules works with a team of mercenaries lightly based on Classical characters, with no regard for the timeline of mythological characters. Anyone with knowledge of classical myths is likely to spot an abundance of mistakes and anachronisms, including some major plot discrepancies. In addition to inaccurate mythology, this film also has some issues with its unrealistic coincidences and a problematic portrayal of women, as is stereotypical for this style of action fantasy. Some of the characters and plot points feel shoehorned in rather than being well thought out stories, and there are numerous plot holes throughout.

This film is a fairly standard action adventure fantasy, fitting in with the majority of Johnson’s other productions. Fans of the genre will surely enjoy this production, however be prepared to take the inaccuracies with a pinch of salt. Expect a typical action film, easy to watch and enjoyable, but with nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking.

Accuracy: 1.5/5

Entertainment: 3/5