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Hanzo Games

Pots is a fun and easy board game based on ancient vases from classical Athens. It is family friendly and easy to pick up. Play time is around 60 minutes and it works best for 3-6 players.

Players move around the board to travel the city and bid in auctions to make the biggest and best sets of vases. Each vase card includes a picture and description of the vase, explaining the imagery shown, as well as the categories it fits in to, allowing players to create matching sets. The board has four key locations from the city of Athens (the agora, the pnyx, the acropolis and the kerameikos) and each location has different actions for players to take. As players move around the board they will have chances to try different auction types, while also battling fate and the will of the gods.

Pots is a great way to include a little education in family game night. The description of each vase is both detailed and informative, while still being understandable, and the board is an easy way to learn about Athens as a city. Although it is not too widely available, this is a great find for any lovers of board games or Ancient Greece. Fun, easy and something a little bit different, if you’re interested in Ancient Greek pottery and you can get your hands on a copy, Pots could be the game for you.

Accuracy: 4/5

Entertainment: 3.5/5