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Mythos Series

Mythos (2017), Heroes (2018), Troy (2020)

Author: Stephen Fry

This highly enjoyable retelling of Greek Mythology draws on Fry’s famous wit and humour to bring these well loved stories to a modern audience. Best known for TV shows like Fry & Laurie, QI and Blackadder, Stephen Fry studied at Cambridge University and is now an award-winning actor, comedian and author. Combining education with entertainment, this series covers mythology of the Greek gods, famous heroes and the Trojan war over the course of three books.

Mythos, the first book, draws mostly from the original sources of Hesiod and Ovid, telling of the creation of earth, the birth of the gods and the origins of mankind.
The second instalment, Heroes, covers exactly that, telling the stories of Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and all the greats, looking at the area of mythology where gods and men are combined.
Troy, the final book, is a retelling of Homers Iliad, relating the famous tale of Achilles, Odysseus and Helen of Troy, accompanied by a myriad of other heroes in one of history’s most famous wars.

This series has been well received, and Fry has been praised for using his fame in an effort to inform the public, as he explains his belief that classics and Greek myths are for everyone. Although sometimes criticised for his lack of sources or consistency, Fry’s distinctive voice and many asides and footnotes lend to a perfect meeting of understandable information and amiable storytelling. All three episodes are fit for an audience of any age or educational background, and are also available as audiobooks, narrated by Fry himself. Whether you’ve studied Greek mythology or you’re simply looking for a good story, the Mythos series has something for you.

Accuracy: 3.5/5

Entertainment: 4/5

Available anywhere that sells books, ebooks or audiobooks