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The Rise of Macedon, 359–323 BC

Videos created by Warwick Undergraduate students for the module 'Hellenistic World'

Videos of Alexander created by Epic History TV

Alexander the Great

[Source: BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time]


Alexander the Great is one of the most celebrated military commanders in history. Born into the Macedonian royal family in 356 BC, he gained control of Greece and went on to conquer the Persian Empire, defeating its powerful king, Darius III. At its peak, Alexander's empire covered modern Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and part of India. As a result, Greek culture and language was spread into regions it had not penetrated before, and he is also remembered for founding a number of cities. Over the last 2,000 years, the legend of Alexander has grown and he has influenced numerous generals and politicians.

Alexander the Great

[Source: BBC Radio Four - Great Lives, Series 1]


Writer Frederic Raphael chooses part man, part myth - Alexander the Great. With Humphrey Carpenter. The biographical series in which a distinguished guest chooses someone who's inspired their life. Will their hero stand up to intensive scrutiny and merit the description of having led a great life? From 2002.

Alexander the Great

[Source: BBC World Service - Heroes Or Villains]


Tutored in history, morals and the principles of power and government by the philosopher Aristotle, Alexander became one of the greatest generals in history. He led his soldiers on an incredible series of conquests; from Greece to Iran, Afghanistan to India. With contributions from historian Michael Wood and classicist Hugh Bowden.