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Home-Schooling Resources for KS4-KS5

KS4 and KS5 Resources

(For more specific resources, click on links to Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, and Greek/Latin

Warwick University Video Resources


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Warwick University, the Warwick Classics Network, and our academics have created a range of video resources which will be of interest to those studying the ancient world. Check out our Youtube Channel, our #AskAnAcademic videos, and especially Prof Michael Scott's own weekly live Facebook Q&A #Askprofmcscott videos, an entertaining romp through the world of ancient Greece and Rome where Michael answers all your questions.

The Classics for All website includes resources on Homer, Virgil, Greek Tragedy, Greek Art and Architecture, Greek Comedy and Roman City Life, as well as information about their grants programmes and the kind of support available from the charity.

Leicester is one of the most excavated cities in Britain, giving us an exceptional insight into what life was like in the city in the past. This website draws on that incredible resource of archaeological information and the research of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History (University of Leicester). It provides a wealth of information and resources for students, teachers and everyone with an interest in life in the Roman world. Archaeology and Classics in the Community is a unique collaboration between the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, the University of Leicester Archaeological Services and Classics for All.

Francesca Grilli from Runshaw College has created these amazing videos on every piece of art in the OCR Greek Art A-level syllabus and allowed us to use them as part of the WCN/Classics for All resource collaboration.

Each video focuses on one artwork from the syllabus and provides a detailed analysis of its background, importance and place within Greece's artistic tradition. Francesca is Course Leader for Classics at Runshaw College in Leyland. For more info about Runshaw Classics follow them on Twitter @RunshawClassics, Instagram, or subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

Peter Wright from Blackpool Sixth Form College, Anna McOmish from Aldridge School, and Alastair Thorley from Stockport Grammar have created a suite of resources on topics from the ancient world.

These downloadable resources can be used for home-schooling, enrichment sessions, or improving general background knowledge. Ideally they can be downloaded and used by teachers at KS3 as full courses in their own right, or can be used to supplement knowledge at GCSE and beyond.

Are you a Sixth form Student interested in Classics? Do you want to explore the relevance of ancient thought on current hotly debated topics, such as democracy, migration, conflict, gender, identity and more? The website, developed by Newcastle University scholars, provides you and your teachers with the necessary support to develop an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Classics. They hope that their Classics EPQ resources will trigger your curiosity, offer you the opportunity to widen your interests and provide you with the necessary background information to develop your research.

Check out Stand Up for Classics on Radio 4/ BBC Sounds app, where the wonderful Natalie Haynes takes a fresh look at the ancient world, creating stand-up routines about figures from ancient Greece and Rome. Includes episodes on the Iliad, Sappho, Ovid, Aspasia and many, many others. Great stuff.

BBC Radio 4 In Our Time: A brilliant collection of talks on virtually every aspect of the ancient world (and everything else in existence), with Melvyn Bragg as genial host to experts in their field. For a full list of Classics-themed episodes along with other related BBC content, click the link for the excellent blog by Andy Keen, Head of Classics at Bristol Grammar School.

Yale - Introduction to Ancient Greek History with Donald Kagan: An excellent and comprehensive introduction to the Ancient Greek world from the Dark Ages through to the end of the Classical period.

Currently free (registration required), Massolit provide excellent in-depth videos on a multitude of ancient Greek and Roman topics given by top academics.

Check out their YouTube channel as well for more videos and content.

Stupid Ancient History: Dave Midgley and Helen Taylor are Director of Humanities and Head of History respectively at Parrs Wood High School and have been teaching Ancient History at GCSE and A Level for longer than either of them would probably like to admit. James Hill is the Science technician Manager at Parrs Wood, long-suffering accomplice to their various shenanigans and resident non-expert in all things Ancient History.

Bitesized Ancient History and its content is created by Warwick Classics graduate, Kelsi Russell who currently studies Egyptology at The University of Cambridge. Check out this fantastic blog for articles on: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, plus the Bitesized Ancient History Artefact of the Week. Recommended for students and teachers alike, Kelsi has now started creating a Vlog on Lockdown Study Tips, which you can check out here.

Diogenes is an online and downloadable app that allows you to read any Latin or Greek text (in the original and in translation) with vocabulary and morphology support parallel to the text. It also has various search functions to make navigating corpora effortless.
Teachers use Diogenes to read texts in class, to find examples of constructions, to create handouts, and encourage students to use it when completing homework. Check out the website here.

Here at WCN we are proud of our association with ACE (Advocating Classics Education) and are pleased to be able to host their teaching resources here on the WCN site. As part of their Classical Civilisation Teachers’ Summer School, held at King’s College London, ACE has prepared a series of introductory talks, delivered by leading academics and tailored specifically for the GCSE and AS/A-level Classical Civilisation syllabi. The resources elsewhere on our site are divided according to syllabus, but you can find the complete teacher resources from ACE and their Class Civ Teachers events via this link. You can find out more about the remarkable work of ACE on their dedicated website.

These resources created by Gresham College include a series of Classics lectures by Professor Edith Hall which are especially good for 16-18 year old students, though they might also suit some from 14-15+.

See also their resources on Classical Athenian Life.

King's College London have recorded a series of videos on Classical Civilisation which can be accessed here.

Videos include Prof Edith Hall on The Invention of the Barbarian, with additional lectures on Sophocles, Plato and Aristotle.

An excellent collection of podcasts from the University of Oxford on a range of Classical topics, including lectures by Bettany Hughes, Tom Holland, Mai Musié, Oliver Taplin and many more.

Created by our colleagues at the University of Birmingham, the Stories from Objects podcasts explore the teaching collections at CAHA and select objects to discuss with specialists and students from the department. Each of the objects in their collections has a story to tell, and they intend to introduce these objects and stories to a wider audience. An episode will be released at the end of each month, starting with Episode 1 on the 31 October 2019. Follow the links to access all episodes.

FREE access to the Open University's Discovering Ancient Greek and Latin course is now available through its Open Access site. Discovering Ancient Greek and Latin gives a taste of what it is like to learn two ancient languages. It is for those who have encountered the classical world through translations of Greek and Latin texts and wish to know more about the languages in which these works were composed.

Content includes: Beginning Greek; Greek noun endings; Greek verb endings; Simple sentences and Reading Greek. Other OU resources regarding the Ancient World can be accessed here.

Welcome to Classics Confidential, a website where you will find hundreds of video and audio interviews with people who are passionate about Classics and the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

This site was founded back in March 2010 by Jessica Hughes and Elton Barker, who are both members of the Department of Classical Studies at The Open University. Since then, we’ve been joined by colleagues from all over the world who have shared their work and enthusiasm for antiquity in our interviews.

Check out these videos recorded at the Hay Festival. Among these short you tube clips you will find some excellent talks by some of our top academics and authors, some on classical topics.

A more comprehensive list of Classics Resources can be accessed through this link.

Please feel free to leave us any feedback about this page and whether you have found it useful.

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