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Pupil Testimonies

“If I had to recommend Classics to a friend, I would tell them that Classics is not like any other language that you traditionally learn ... in Latin you actually read the literature, you go into the culture, you learn so many things and you see how it has influenced our society today. I think that’s what’s really important – how history has influenced us as people today.” Hita Patel, pupil at Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry.

“Classics is an important aspect of my school life. It’s something I have always wanted to study but did not think I would have the chance. Since starting weekly sessions before school my interest in Classics has peaked. I am really glad that it has become available at school and I hope to further my education on Classics by studying it at A-level.” Ibrahim Islam, pupil at Allerton Grange School, Leeds.

Pupils from Sideney Stringer Academy in Coventry recently took part in an interview with the renowned Classicist Prof. Paul Cartledge and out very own Prof. Michael Scott on the benefits and joys of learning Classics, which can be viewed here.

“Classics is incredibly interesting: we learn about an entire era of culture and language that is bypassed in the modern day history curriculum. It enhances my knowledge and understanding of history and the modern world as much of our society draws parallels to the ancient world.” Lily Baxter, pupil at Allerton Grange School, Leeds.

“Understanding even the fundamentals of the subject will open doors to understanding more about culture, media, language, science and even modern history and attitudes in society. Offering it at Allerton Grange will not only spark interest in this rare subject but in addition make more genuinely knowledgeable students.” Arghya Chakrabarty, pupil at Allerton Grange School, Leeds.