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How to contribute to the early modern forum

We welcome submissions to all of our forum projects. In all cases please contact our network administrator David Beck, before making your contribution- D dot C dot Beck at warwick dot ac dot uk. He will also send you a form to claim your payment once the finished product has been uploaded.

"My Favourites"

Earn £25, and gain a valuable networking opportunity, by conducting 10-minute interviews with academics who are visiting or soon-to-retire from your institution, discussing their favourite primary and secondary sources from the early modern world. To listen to past podcasts to help you get a feel for what's expected of the interviewer see the project page here.

"A Day in History..."

Earn £30 by discussing the importance of a singular day in history, through a one to two A4 page account. Furthermore, this projects gives you the perfect opportunity to link your research interests with the Early Modern Forum, consequently any day during the early modern period which you feel to be of significance will be considered. To see the previous submissions see the project page here.

"Now and Then"

Earn £50 for 10-15 minute podcasts discussing issues of importance in today's world in their early modern context. We are particularly interested in themed series, so if you know of several researchers working in your field, or find them looking at the list of people at our partner institutions, perhaps you could organise one.

"Brief Lives"

Brief Lives are short biographies of neglected figures from the Early Modern period- inspired by John Aubrey's Brief Lives. We particularly encourage submissions by postgraduates who have come across such a figure in their research- £30 for a 500-word textual version, or £50 for a podcast. To see the previous submissions see the project page here.


The Early Modern Forum will facilitate discussion between academics at affiliated institutions over webex, allowing the sharing of documents during a (video)conference, while requiring only a browser. In addition we encourage the use of skype, oovoo, and other forms of video-conferencing to ensure collaboration between the institutions involved in the project.

Making a Podcast

We encourage academics to disseminate their research in innovative ways, such as podcasts. This page contains the basic information regarding how to create a podcast, and will expand in future to include full training. The Early Modern Forum will provide technical assistance for those intending to post their podcasts on the our site.