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Making a podcast

Digital recorders are easily available: the department at Warwick, for instance, has several which its students can use. Using them, along with free audio-editing software such as audacity, it is easy to create a high-quality podcast. The process is simple: find something which you'd like to podcast, talk into the recorder, connect it to your computer, cut out any distracting "ummms" or irrelevent conversation, then upload to the relevent podcast page on the Early Modern Forum! Currently, we are looking for:

  • Brief Lives- short biographies of figures you come across in your research
  • Now and then- reflections upon contemporary issues in their early modern context.
  • My Favourites- 10-minute interviews with visiting academics (a very useful networking tool) regarding their favourite primary and secondary sources
  • Seminar recordings- record papers given by visiting academics (with their consent, of course- and please ask whether the speaker would like access limiting to forum members).
  • Suggestions as to possible Early Modern Forum podcast series- ideally topics which span the research interests of staff or postgraduates at least two of our partner institutions, which we could organise into series of three to five podcasts.

Please contact David Beck ( for further information and technnical support.