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How to Contribute towards the 'A Day in History...' Project

The Early Modern Forum would like to invite academic staff and postgraduate students to contribute to the 'A Day in History...' project. We are currently looking for work illustrating the importance of a singular day during the Early Modern period (c.1450-1850), to be placed on the 'A Day in History...' webpage. Contributors will be required to produce between one and two pages of text accompanied by an appropriate picture. The text should portray the events of that day as they unfolded, and should also attempt to convey how the day contributed towards history. Thus you will be required to argue why you believe your selected day was a significant day in history.

It should also, where possible, include primary accounts. Completed articles will be rewarded with £30.

Please see the 'A Day in History...' webpage on this site for examples of articles published to date.

For further information, or to propose 'A Day in History...' please email the columns coordinator Benjamin Redding at