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Record a "my favourites" interview

Earn £25, and gain a valuable networking opportunity, by conducting 10-minute interviews with academics who research any aspect of the Early Modern World.

These short podcasts are intended to discuss the interviewee’s favourite primary and secondary sources, as well as to reflect on the nature of the discipline in which they work. We have found that academics who are visiting Warwick to give research papers at one of our seminar series are more than happy to give ten minutes of their time in return for a cup of coffee and the opportunity to talk about their research! I’m sure the same can be said of those academics visiting our partner institutions.

To listen to previous podcasts to help you get a feel for what's expected of the interviewer see the project page here. You will have to arrange the time (with the convenor of the seminar series concerned, who will put you in touch with the visiting academic), place, mp3 recorder etc., and conduct enough research into their work to give a very brief introduction at the beginning of the podcast. If you need technical assistance please visit this page, and if necessary get in touch with David.

If there is somebody visiting your institution, or alternatively there is a member of staff at your university who is retiring in the near future, that you would like to interview please e-mail David Beck- d dot c dot beck at warwick dot ac dot uk.