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Lecture and Seminar Programme

Lecture and Seminar Topic

Autumn Term

1 Introduction: Russia in 1881
2 Frameworks of Russian Identity
3 Ideologies and Mass Movements
4 1905 and its Aftermath
5 War and Revolution
6 Reading Week: No Classes!
7 October
8 Utopian Visions and Civil War
9 The New Economic Policy
10 The Great Breakthrough in Socialist Construction

Spring Term

1 Stalinism as a Civilisation?
2 National Identity in the Soviet 'Empire'
3 The Purges
4 The Soviet Union at War
5 Late Stalinism and the Birth of the Cold War
6 Reading Week: No Classes!
7 Khrushchev and Destalinization
8 Cold War and The Relaunch of the Soviet Project
9 Developed Socialism
10 Gorbachev's Revolution

Summer Term

1 Russia in the 1990s: A Decade of Chaos?
2 Putin's Russia
3 Revision