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Lecture and Seminar Programme

Here you will find links to the reading on each of the seminar topics. This reading includes primary sources in translation, and some of the most influential recent scholarship on Russia and the Soviet Union. You will be expected to prepare the reading for each week carefully, and bring a copy with you to the seminar. Further reading suggestions on each topic will guide you as you start to prepare your essays.

A version of this reading list can also be found in Talis Aspire.

Lecture and Seminar Topic

Autumn Term

1 Introduction: Russia in 1881
2 Frameworks of Russian Identity
3 Ideologies and Mass Movements
4 1905 and its Aftermath
5 War and Revolution
6 Reading Week: No Classes!
7 October
8 Utopian Visions and Civil War
9 The New Economic Policy
10 The Great Breakthrough in Socialist Construction

Spring Term

1 Stalinism as a Civilisation?
2 National Identity in the Soviet 'Empire'
3 The Purges
4 The Soviet Union at War
5 Late Stalinism and the Birth of the Cold War
6 Reading Week: No Classes!
7 Khrushchev's Thaw
8 The Relaunch of the Soviet Project
9 Developed Socialism
10 Gorbachev's Revolution

Summer Term

1 Russia in the 1990s: A Decade of Chaos?
2 Putin's Russia
3 Revision