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Eutopia Legal History CoLeCo

Eutopia Legal History Connected Learning Community

Within this community, students collaborate across universities in Europe and respective student groups on common themes through the use of active learning methods. Students work individually and collectively on a case study connected to the chosen theme depending on the year. Themes so far have been minority rights and labour migration. The theme is studied from the perspective of legal history.

Through the activities, the community aims to enhance the potential for collaborative education through a blended teaching approach. Teaching is conducted in English, as well as in the different languages of the participating institutions, where it is relevant or necessary to highlight the specific cultural component of the cases treated.

Key learning outcomes: A thorough understanding of sources of law, the mobilisation of legal arguments in political and societal debates, critical analysis of and reflection on primary sources, engagement in debate with lecturers and fellow students.

Universities involved in the community are, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cerrgy, Paris, Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, University of Warwick, University of Ljuljana and Nova Lisboa.

See the student's work on the blogpost and exhibition here.


Students who sign up get involved in activities that run throughout the academic year. They involve virtual keynote lectures and regular coffee corners or online meetings which bring staff and students from all of the participating students together online to talk about the progress of their respective projects. Students also meet in person regularly in their home institutions to design and develop their research project. A Peak Event is organised at one of the participating institutions and students travel to take part in this work in progress seminar and to spend time exchanging ideas, visiting places of interest and getting to know each other. On returning to their home institutions students work on preparing an exhibition based on their projects for publication on the blog. You can see some of the information and outputs of past activities here.

Launch Event

Launch Event: Keynote Lecture

Peak Event

Peak Event: Work in Progress Seminar







Staff participating in the Eutopia Legal History CoLeCo are:

Frederik Dhont (VUB), Email:

Raphael Cahen (VUB), Email:

Katja Škrubej (UL) Email:

Caroula Argyriadis-Kervegan (CY), Email:

Alfons Arogoneses (UPF) Email:

Jane Bryan (UW), Email:

Rosie Doyle (UW). Email:

Cristina Nogueira da Silva (UNL), Email:

If you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact Rosie Doyle in the Department of History at Warwick