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People in the Department

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Head of Department: Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Teaching & Learning/Director of Final Year Studies: Dr Simon Peplow
Director of Research: Professor Anne Gerritsen
Director of Professional Development: Professor Christoph Mick
Student Voice/NSS Lead: Professor Mathew Thomson
Head of Administration: Claudia Gray
Academic Administrator: Jennifer Whittam

Director of First Year Studies: Dr Tom Simpson
Director of Second Year Studies: Dr Camillia Cowling
Director of PGT Studies: Dr Colin Storer
Director of PGR Studies: Professor Mark Knights
Senior Tutor: Professor Rebecca Earle
DSEP History and Politics joint degree: Dr Rebecca Stone
Admissions Tutors: Dr Roger Fagge / Professor Ben Smith

Academic Staff

The Department's academic staff teach and research a wide range of themes and topics, covering the entire globe and spanning from the Late Medieval to the present day.

Research Staff

With a strong emphasis on research in the Department, there are a number of research staff working on a wide variety of projects, networks, and fellowships.

Teaching Staff

A number of guest lecturers, postdoctoral staff, teaching fellows, and PhD students contribute to delivering the Department's teaching.

Support Staff

The Department's support needs are met by a team of dedicated staff with a wide variety of remits and functions.

Associate Staff

Several eminent and promising scholars hold honorary, visiting, or associate status with the Department.

Former Staff

A considerable number of former staff have contributed to the Department's successes, several of whom retain close connections with the Department as emeritus staff.