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Warwick History Hour

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Warwick History Hour, on RAW 1251AM and on Spotify

Warwick History Hour was conceived by Izzy Bailey, Student Radio Association Student Radio Award nominee for Best Podcast Programming, 2023. The radio show and podcast is a collaboration between the award-winning student radio station, Radio At Warwick (RAW) and the Department of History at Warwick. Presenter Izzy Bailey interviews members of the department about their research with the help of a student panel. Listen live on RAW 1251AM or access the recordings via Spotify.

Warwick History Hour Archive

Monday 24 April 2023: Professor Rebecca Earle talks about Cook Books

Food historian, Rebecca Earle in conversation with Izzy and the student panel including Angel Sun, Xaymaca Awoyungbo and James Lewis.

Monday 15 May 2023: Dr Ricardo Aguilar González

Wheat Stone

Monday 22 May 2023: Dr Lucy Underwood

Monday 5 June Dr Guido van Meersbergen talks to Second Year History Undergraduate, Adelina Crudu

Panelist: Joshua Grey

Monday 12 June 2023: Dr Lucy Clarke

Panelist: Tom Buckley, Maham Mir

October 2023: Finalist Zac Cash talks about his URSS project about Scottish radicalism in the nineteenth century.

November 2023: Dr Rosie Doyle talks about her research on Liberation Theology in twentieth-century Mexico.

November 2023: Finalist Angel Sun talks about her URSS project about education in Hong Kong from the 1940s to the 1970s.

November 2023: Professor Roberta Bivins talks about her research on surveillance borders and the state.

November 2023: Dr Andrew Burchell talks about his work on stammering, speech therapy and activism in Britain from 1906-2000.

December 2023: Dr William Rupp talks about his research on the diaries of the Honorable Jon Byng, an eighteenth-century traveller.

9 January 2024: Dr Song-Chuan Chen talks about his upcoming book on the servants of the Canton trade.

23 January 2024: Finalist Thomas Bartley talks about his URSS project on the birth of the World Snooker Championship in Birmingham
30 January 2024: Professor Anne Gerritsen talks about material culture and ask, 'how do you tell the history of an object?'
6 February 2024: Professor Matthew Thompson talks about his work on the collaborative research project, The Cultural History of the NHS.
20 February 2024: Dr Claire Shaw
27 February 2024: Dr Thomas Simpson